Introducing Us

Who we actually are

It has been a while since I have been trying to write this blog. With a busy work routine and hectic schedule at home, the time has never been enough to give this blog a priority. Last year I gave introductory Indian cooking classes to sixth form girls at my daughter’s school and realised that this is the right time to start a blog.

My inspiration and love of cooking comes from childhood memories of my mother’s kitchen. My roots are from a small town in Northern India. I grew up in a large family where three brothers lived together with their families and parents. I was the second oldest child among seven cousins. My mum taught home science in a senior girls school. This is not a subject that is often expressed in school curriculum today. As part of curriculum she taught designing, sewing, embroidery and cooking along with home management and child development. Her teaching involved neither gourmet cooking nor an elite way of serving. It was the basics that she taught and gave her students a sense of comfort in their kitchens and homes.

My mother often tells stories of how as a child I loved cleaning the herbs by plucking the edible leaves in a precise fashion to being very obsessive of same size chunks of vegetables being cut. I still remember the days when I used to pretend to be a little helper for the exam going girls at my mother’s school. Revisiting those childhood memories make me realise how those days have influenced my experience and passion in the kitchen.

Today I am a simple home cook who relies on basic techniques learnt in my mother’s kitchen. With time I have experimented these techniques with alternate flavours and practiced through years by trying to feed my own family. I struggle to follow instructions from others in my kitchen but one could say that it comes from the overconfidence due to approval of taste of my cooking by my family and friends. I like to try written recipes but am comfortable changing their flavours to create new flavours that work for me.

Today when I see my teenage daughter working in the kitchen, I sense a young generation that looks at food as not just a source of nourishment but also a source of artistic achievement and pleasure. In the busy lifestyle of current society while the time spent to cook meals in an average household has reduced, we know and talk more about food and cooking. The top chefs have become part of household kitchens influencing and refining our palates. The flavours have seen a great transformation with much more cosmopolitan approach towards food and redefining cooking techniques.

I have lived in United Kingdom since 1999 and feel blessed with being able to appreciate the fine dining this country has to offer. I have started this blog with a hope that I can keep my culinary roots alive and share them with next generations to come. I would like to see my blog and myself as an encourager and an influencer just the way I have been blessed with many of them through out my life. I have named this blog ‘Simply nutritious’ for an obvious reason that I hope you will approve after trying some of these recipes.

I dedicate this blog to my mother and my mother-in-law and other influencers in my life who have taught me without any reservations and with much tolerance.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sincerely yours 

Vinita Shekar